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How To Cut a Common Roof Rafter

How To Cut a Roof Rafter

The common rafter is the basic foundation of roof framing.  Many contractors believe that the factory built truss is the best thing around because it is easier to install. However, several fire fighters have told me that the truss will fail in the first five minutes of a fire.  They also said that they would prefer a “stick built roof” because it is much safer in a fire.  Stick built means framed in the old style with hand cut rafters and ceiling joists.

This is a video detailing the way to determine the length of a common rafter and how to cut it. The common rafter is the rafter used for a standard gable roof and is the central part of a hip roof as well.


How to Lift Heavy Things

How To Lift Heavy Things - Carpenter School





















Workplace safety manuals always say “bend your knees and don’t lift with your back”, but how many workplace safety manual writers have ever actually lifted a heavy thing? This is a video of how to actually get something heavy off the ground and into a wheelbarrow without hurting yourself.