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cedar shelf weekend project

garage 1 010

Making one rough cedar 2×4  into two 1x4s


garage 1 003

planing away the saw marks


garage 1 014

gluing it all together


garage 1 023

planing the glued panels


garage 1 016

cutting the pieces


garage 1 025

drilling holes for pocket screws


garage 1 013

inspection passed


garage 1 012

finished product


garage 1 026

already full


Earthship inspiration

We took a family vacation to the Earthships in Taos New Mexico.  We spent the first night in the Corner Cottage and the second night in the Phoenix.  During our stay we saw many examples of glass bottle, plastic bottle, and can bricks.  Here are some pictures we took of the different kinds of bricks.

Phoenix earthship dining room


earthship greenhouse

earthship bathroom
Phoenix earthship Taos, New Mexico
bottle brick example
Aaron Friend - can brick column